Camping and Caravans

Camping on Council land, public places, roads and private land in the City of Whitehorse is not allowed without a permit ( PDF 280.06KB). The owner or occupier of any land must also not allow camping on their property except in limited circumstances.  

Camping means using a caravan, tent, motor vehicle or similar for residential accommodation (either temporary or permanent) and caravan also means a mobile home and moveable dwelling.

Camping on Private Property

A permit to camp on private property must be obtained except when all the following conditions apply:

  • No more than four people are camping
  • The length of time is less than 14 days in any twelve month period
  • No nuisance or public health or safety hazards are created by the activity.

Camping in Public Places

The need to camp in a public place may vary however, many of the people who camp in public places are homeless. They can be referred to the opening door entry point for homeless people for the City of Whitehorse:

Community Housing Limited - 26 Prospect Street, Box Hill
Hours: 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday
Phone number: 9856 0050 or 1300 424 573.

You could also contact Council and let us know about people living rough so that we can provide assistance.

Applying for a Camping Permit

Download the General Local Laws Permit Application Form ( DOCX 36.7KB), pay the permit fee and provide the appropriate documentation.

Council will consider the application and will let you know the outcome within 10 days.