Public Presentations (Request to speak at a Council Meeting)

Members of the public can request to speak at a Council meeting regarding a matter on the Council meeting agenda or any other matter they would like to present.

Register a public presentation request

Please note: 

  • A registration form must be submitted no later than 12 noon on the day of the Council meeting
  • Up to 10 speakers are permitted at any meeting, with registrations determined in order of receipt of request
  • Each speaker is allocated a three-minute time slot, or a written statement may be uploaded to be read out at the meeting
  • Up to three persons may speak on the same subject matter at the same meeting
  • The Chair may, at their discretion, vary the order or allow additional speakers up to a maximum of 10.

Land Use Planning Matters

  • If your request to speak is regarding a land use planning matter, you must indicate whether you are submitting in support of or in opposition to the Planning Permit Application or Planning Scheme Amendment.
  • The Applicant and up to three other speakers will be allowed on a Planning Application Item

Please ensure that your public presentation complies with the Guidelines for Public Presentations at Council Meetings ( PDF 244.51KB) prior to lodging your registration.

For further information, please contact the Governance team at or telephone (03) 9262 6578.