Indoor Sports Facility Feasibility Study (ISFFS) - Feedback

The community consultation process, undertaken over a five week period, included an online survey, direct email to submitters throughout the consultation process inviting them to provide feedback, social media and two Leader advertisements promoting the survey and process.

A total of 277 comments were received via the online survey and five emailed submissions with a total of 282 public comments/submissions received during the community consultation process. 

Key feedback included the following: 

  • Theme that the community enjoyed being active, that indoor sports stadiums and clubs contribute to community engagement. 
  • Additional courts will require additional parking, public transport or traffic management options to suit. 
  • Additional courts allow for more competition and training but also bring the opportunity for new programs including increasing activities for people with disabilities such as Wheelchair Basketball. 
  • Facilities are becoming outdated and not meeting current needs of the sports. 
  • The comments showed continued interest in working with schools or asset owners. 
  • Feedback received was supportive of a facility to include table tennis. The study recognises the diverse and changing population and popularity of the sport is greatly influenced by different cultures from Europe and Asia and such a facility will suit their needs. 

Overall feedback regarding the ISFFS document ( PDF 1.69MB) supported the study with comments encouraging Council to provide additional or better quality indoor sport facilities. As a result of the feedback received, no changes to the draft ISFFS were made and Council endorsed the ISFFS and its recommendations at the ordinary Council Meeting on Monday 24 August, 2020.

Council resolved to:

  1. Endorse the Indoor Sports Facility Feasibility Study.
  2. Complete the detailed design process for the Sportlink redevelopment in 2020/21 and refer the construction requirement to Council’s budget process for consideration. 
  3. Develop a strategic partnerships framework including principles to encourage and guide the ongoing assessment of:
    1. Partnership opportunities presented by other local stakeholders (such as schools or universities) where indoor court projects allow broad community use.
    2. Reviewing options as part of the Council asset renewal program when opportunities arise for indoor sport facilities in priority locations.
  4. Consider regional partnership opportunities in the development of the East Burwood Reserve Master Plan and refers this to the budget process. 
  5. Develop an advocacy campaign to seek funding from Federal and State Governments. 
  6. Refer business case development work arising from the ISFFS, recommendations to Council’s future financial planning and budget processes. 
  7. Advise submitters, key stakeholders, State and Federal Members of Parliament of Council’s decision. 

Officers will now undertake the required action and further work arising from the above Council resolution. 

If you require any further information, please contact Leonie Gibson - Recreation and Open Space Senior Project Officer via email or 0409 510 131.