Your Rates

If you chose to pay your rates in one lump sum payment was due Monday 15 February 2021. If you are paying by quarterly instalments the fourth instalment payment was due Monday 31 May 2021.

Your rates provide around 58.7 per cent of Council’s total annual income, which helps to deliver more than 100 services to residents.

This income funds various Council services, including:

  • home and community care for elderly and disabled residents
  • maternal and child health
  • maintaining roads, footpaths, parks and gardens
  • maintaining sports grounds and leisure centres

This year, the average rate increase is 2 per cent. This has been set by the state government for all councils in Victoria under the new Fair Go rate-capping legislation. The 2 per cent rate increase will raise total rate revenue to $122.55 million.

Council’s rating year starts on 1 July and ends on 30 June.

Council rates notices are sent out each year in mid to late August.

When Are My Rates Due?

You can choose to pay your rates in a lump sum (the total amount in one payment), or in four instalments.

If you choose to pay a lump sum, your rates are due on Monday 15 February 2021.

If you choose to pay your rates in instalments (smaller amounts spread over a period of time), the due dates for each amount are:

  1. Wednesday 30 September 2020 (Extended to 21 October 2020)
  2. Monday 30 November 2020
  3. Monday 1 March 2021
  4. Monday 31 May 2021

If you are unable to pay your rates in full or by instalments by the due date, you may enter into a payment plan. 

Our online Rates Payment Plan Calculator can help you work out the minimum payments required.

If you need further assistance, you can request help via our Relief and Support request form. You can also review our updated Hardship Policy ( PDF 527.83KB)

For more information, email the Rates Department or call us on 9262 6292.

How To Receive Your Rates Electronically

Council has two ways you can register to receive your rate notice electronically.

  • Email Delivery: Sign up online to receive your rate notice by email. 
    • You will need to reference your rate notice
    • Enter your assessment number and name exactly as it appears on your rate notice
electronic rates
  • BPAY View: Register through your online banking. BPAY View sends your bills straight to your bank online, making receiving, storing and paying is even simpler. Find out more at BPAY View.

Your Rates

Sign up to get your rate notice via email

  • Visit ezybill to sign up
  • You will need to reference your rate notice
  • Enter your assessment number and name exactly as it appears on your rate notice