Capital Works Program

As part of the annual budget, expenditure related to Council-owned and managed assets is called the Capital Works Program.

The Capital Works Program is made up of infrastructure, property, plant & equipment-related projects.

We prioritise projects based on community need and Council’s Asset Management Strategy.

These projects can be classed as:

  • renewal
  • upgrade
  • expansion
  • new acquisition

Key Program Highlights

Key highlights of the 2023/24 Capital Works program include:

  • $20.92 million for land, buildings and building improvements, including funding to complete The Round and Morack Golf Course Pavilion major redevelopments and to commence upgrades of the pavilions at Mirrabooka Reserve, and Box Hill City Oval
  • $6.70 million for plant and equipment
  • $6.45 million for roads, bridges and off street car parks
  • $5.80 million for recreational, leisure and community facilities
  • $4.48 million for footpaths and cycleways
  • $3.67 million for parks, open space and streetscapes
  • $2.20 million for drainage improvements

You can learn more about Capital Works projects in the Adopted Budget.