Strathdon Orchard Precinct

Strathdon House and Orchard is to be redeveloped into a vibrant sustainability and healthy living precinct for the community.

Strathdon House was built in 1893. It sits on a 2.5 hectare property located at 449-465 Springvale Road, Forest Hill (adjacent to Forest Hill Police Station). It operated as an Orchard until the 1930s and was acquired by Council as an asset of historical and cultural significance.

Through consultation with the community, Council has developed a precinct plan for the development. The plan celebrates the rich history of the site while transforming Strathdon into a community precinct that will host educational programs in sustainable living as well as opportunities for the community to rest and relax, play in nature and attend community events.

The Strathdon Orchard Precinct project is underway.
Works to upgrade the pedestrian paths and associated drainage, picnic shelter and picnic settings commenced mid-year. Due to the COVID restrictions and bad weather, the finalisation of these works has been delayed.
With the easing of restrictions and improved weather, these works will now restart and be completed before Christmas. The solar lights for the pedestrian path will also be installed.
Strathdon house restoration and construction of new ‘packing shed’ works will be completed by mid-2021. All other works including the kitchen garden and nature play will also be completed by mid-2021.

The works include:

  • Refurbishment of the homestead (including building new public meeting rooms)
  • Re-growing the fruit orchard
  • Installing a new ‘packing shed’ to host educational and sustainability programs
  • Creation of a demonstration kitchen garden
  • Landscaping, including nature play features and a self-guided heritage and sustainability walk
  • Picnic shelters and additional seating
  • Accessible parking, pathway upgrades and installation of bicycle parking hoops
More information and project updates
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