Working for Whitehorse - September 2023

Whitehorse News - September 2023

Meet Bruce Will, a lifelong Whitehorse resident who fills his retirement days helping the community in not one, but two roles for Council. 

Bruce, 76, ran his own plumbing business for more than 40 years and found himself looking for things to do after he retired. He saw an advertisement in the former Whitehorse Leader newspaper eight years ago and applied to be a school crossing supervisor with Council. 

In his role, he helps young students cross the road safely as they arrive and leave school. Bruce has become a familiar face for Vermont Secondary College students, assisting at the crossing on Boronia Road near the school from Monday to Friday in the mornings  and afternoons. 

“I enjoy it because you get to know the kids,” he said. “I’ve been going there now for six  to seven years, so I’ve seen some of the children grow from grade six right out to leaving school.” 

bruce whitehorse news
Bruce Will, who works as a school crossing supervisor with Council, is also a Whitehorse News delivery driver.

On at least two days every month, Bruce has a jam-packed day, as he also works as a Whitehorse News delivery driver in between his crossing supervisor shifts.

He teams up with fellow drivers to drop off the latest issue of this publication to retirement villages, shopping centres and other distribution points. 

Bruce recommends working as a school crossing supervisor to people of all ages, saying a handful of university students are also part of the team.

He also recommends retirees consider part time or casual roles with Council if they are keen to give back to the community and stay busy during retirement. 

“It keeps you active in the community –  I’m not just sitting at home retired, I’m getting out and doing things for the community and the city, and it feels great being a part of it.” 

Become a School Crossing Supervisor! Visit our Job Opportunities page for more information.