Education Assistance Grant

Whitehorse Education Assistance Grant supports families experiencing financial hardship in order for young people (aged 10– 25) to remain in education and training. 

Community agencies and education/training providers can apply for funding to reimburse expenses incurred to support a young person in education and training.

Parents or students are unable to apply directly for the grant.  Funding packages of up to $400 are available per calendar year to eligible students.

Apply for a Whitehorse Education Assistance Grant ( DOCX 26.22KB)

The grants can cover

  • Compulsory fees for training and short courses
  • Compulsory textbooks, materials, resources, equipment and uniforms not covered by other assistance schemes
  • School camps and excursions not covered by other assistance schemes
  • IT equipment


  • The grants are open to students aged 10-25 who are enrolled in school, further education, training or courses, who live or study in Whitehorse.
  • The student must be experiencing financial hardship, evidenced by a low-income health care card (held by either the young person or their parents), which should be verified by the school or community agency applying on their behalf.
  • The maximum grant is $400 per student, and each applicant (school or community agency) can apply for a maximum of two grants per funding round.

For more information please contact Frank Perrone by email or phone 0419 536 584.