Cootamundra Ward (current Mayor)

Cr Andrew Munroe (Mayor)

Cr Munroe was re-elected to Council in October 2020 for his fourth term as a Councillor. Cr Munroe was elected Mayor for 2020/21 and has previously served in the role on two previous occasions, 2012/13 and 2014/15.

A lifelong resident of Whitehorse and the new Cootamundra Ward, Cr Munroe works as Telecommunications Engineer and his area of expertise is in information technology and security.

He is also a founding Director and past Chairman of the Blackburn South Community Bank along with having held a range of executive positions in a number of local community organisations.

Cr Munroe represents Council on the following:

  • Municipal Association of Victoria
  • Advisory Committee for the review of the Chief Executive Officer’s Development
  • Major Projects Councillor Reference Group
  • Eastern Region Group
  • Whitehorse Matsudo Sister City Councillor Reference Group
  • Built Environment Awards
  • Whitehorse Community Grants Panel
Cr Munroe

0429 138 140