Wattle Ward

Cr Andrew Davenport (Deputy Mayor)

Cr Davenport was re-elected to Council in October, 2020. Cr Davenport’s tertiary qualifications include a Master of Commercial Law, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), and a Bachelor of Commerce. Cr Davenport has over 20 years’ experience in the private and not-for-profit sectors. Cr Davenport is married with two children.

Cr Davenport has been an active member of the City of Whitehorse for over 14 years and enjoys being a member of Freemasons Victoria, Box Hill Hawks Football Club, (social) member of Bennettswood Bowling Club, Associate member of Box Hill Lions and is also an honorary member of the Mont Albert Surrey Hills Rotary Club.

Cr Davenport’s areas of interest include reducing the cost of living; defending elderly services; cutting business red tape; enhancing parks, gardens and cycling infrastructure; promote a continuous improve culture; protecting neighbourhood character; increasing library services, delivering sound financial management; improving amenities across Whitehorse and encouraging female participation in sport.

Cr Davenport represents Council on the following:

  • Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corp.
Cr Andrew Davenport

0407 652 145