Fire Hazards

Fire prevention is a community responsibility. The Fire Rescue Victoria Act (1958) requires property owners and tenants to maintain their properties so that they do not become a fire hazard. From spring each year, Council officers inspect properties in the City of Whitehorse to ensure that long grass and any materials that may pose a fire hazard are removed.

Apart from the fire hazard, overgrown properties look unsightly and may attract snakes and vermin and detract from the amenity of the municipality.

If a Council officer thinks a property is a fire hazard a fire prevention notice will be sent to the landowner giving them a direction to remove the fire hazard from their land. If the fire hazard is not removed within the time frame on the notice, an infringement may be issued either under the Fire Rescue Victoria Act (1958) or the Whitehorse Community Local Law 2014 ( PDF 202.61KB).

Under the Fire Rescue Victoria Act (1958) you can be fined up to 500 penalty points if you allow their property to become a fire hazard. You should also be aware that if a notice is not complied with, the land may be compulsorily cleared with all costs being passed onto the property owner, in addition to any fines issued.

Maintaining your property