Investing in Whitehorse

When looking to invest or position your business in Melbourne’s eastern region, consider the location and lifestyle of the City of Whitehorse. It offers a strong investment foundation, strategic location, connection to innovative health, education options and job opportunities.

Whitehorse Investment and Development Facilitation Service.

Council has established a ‘one stop shop’ for large-scale investment projects which seeks to create an open, transparent process and improve the alignment between investment (private, government and institutional investment) and the community’s vision and aspirations for the City of Whitehorse. 

Key features:

  • Discussion with Council can begin prior to the purchase or lease of property.
  • Establishment of a pre-application advisory committee to discuss the proposal and Council processes.
  • Coordinated advice from Council officers across the relevant departments through an appointed Project Case Manager.
  • Greater certainty regarding expectations and timing.
  • Advice concerning requirements of other government agencies and utilities.
  • Application monitoring with progress advice and assistance.

For more information on Investing in the City of Whitehorse visit Council’s business website or contact the Investment and Economic Development Unit by email: or phone 9262 6333.