Reporting an Emergency

Police, Fire or Ambulance - Call Triple Zero (000)

Call 000 if you, your family, friends or people nearby are in danger, sick or injured or there is a fire.

The person on the phone will ask you whether you need Police, Fire or Ambulance.

SES - Call 132 500

Call 132 500 if your property or your neighbour's property is damaged by a flood or a storm.

You will be connected to a person who will ask you about the emergency

Provide as much information as possible

The location of the emergency

  • The number, street name, suburb and the state
  • Closest intersection
  • The closest business

Note: Mobile numbers don’t tell the operator if you are in Victoria or somewhere else. If you call from a mobile phone the person may ask you which state you are in.

What is the emergency – what is happening?

It is important that you tell the person on the phone as much information as possible so they can send the right equipment and people to the emergency

Note: The person on the phone may keep talking to you until help arrives.

Always follow the advice and directions of emergency services