Storms and Floods

A storm is a bad weather event that can come with heavy rain, strong winds, hailstones, thunder and lightning. Storms can happen anywhere, at any time of the year, and they can cause flooding and damage to property and injuries to people.


  • Flood water moves quickly and may contain moving objects you cannot see below the surface
  • Never walk, ride or drive through flood water
  • Don’t play or allow others to play or swim in floodwater

Floods can affect part or all of your property and they can result in loss of life for both people and animals, and damage to:

  • inside your home such as damage to floors and electrical equipment
  • buildings and fences
  • roads, bridges, train and tram lines
  • trees and crops.

Flash Flooding is caused by a large amount of rain falling in a small area that causes storm water drains to overflow.

Riverine Flooding is where water flows above the banks or sides of the stream or river. Riverine flooding may go back to normal levels quickly but it also can take months. As the water moves down the river it may cause flooding in other areas days after the rain.

Flooding in the City of Whitehorse is usually flash flooding.

Flood and Storm Warnings

Before a Storm or Flood

When A Storm Arrives

After a Storm or Flood