eHealth Portal

All Class 1 and 2 food businesses are required to be assessed against the Whitehorse City Council’s 5 Star Food Safe Program.

Food businesses that achieve a 5 star rating (incorporating best practice) that have provided consent, will have their star rating published through the eHealth Portal.

The eHealth Portal was established to allow the community to view a food premises star rating as well as allowing food premises to renew their annual Food Act Registration online.

The portal provides benefits for both consumers and food businesses.  It provides consumers with confidence in the food industry within Whitehorse City Council as well as providing a competitive edge for businesses.

Details recorded on the portal include trading name, location, business type and star rating which was awarded during the assessment conducted by the Council Environmental Health Officer. 

Only businesses that have consented to publish their star rating will have the star rating displayed on the portal. The star rating is based on the performance on the day of the assessment, however deductions may occur as a result of critical non-compliances identified during any other inspection conducted within the registration period.

Food businesses that do not have a star rating displayed may be due to:

  • the food business recently opened as a new business or changed owners and has not yet been assessed
  • the business has not provided consent for Council to publish their star rating