Clearway Towing

Clearways on major roads within 20-kilometres of Melbourne’s CBD (including clearways in the the city of Whitehorse) are also tow-away zones. These tow-away zones and their fines are managed by the Department of Transport.

Drivers who park illegally in the signed tow-away clearway zones during restricted times will have their vehicle towed and receive a fine on top of the vehicle release fee from the Department of Transport and Planning. Whitehorse City Council will not issue a fine in these areas.

What this means for you in the City of Whitehorse

Keeping clearways free of parked cars help with traffic flow in greater Melbourne. Please do the right thing and keep tow-away zones clear during peak times.

Please remember, it is an offence to park in clearways and tow-away zones. If you do not follow the parking signs on the fifteen clearly sign-posted arterial road clearway zones in City of Whitehorse, your vehicle can be towed. 

What to do if your Vehicle has been Towed from a Whitehorse Clearway Zone

If you think your vehicle was towed from a clearway, you can enter your registration number into the vehicle lookup tool on the Nationwide Towing and Transport website (or call 134 869) and check if your vehicle has been towed from a clearway. The vehicle lookup tool operates for clearway towing across greater Melbourne, not just City of Whitehorse. The Department of Transport and Planning website clearly explains the options available to you when you receive a clearway fine.