Accessible (Disabled) Parking Permits

/living-working/parking/parking-permits/accessible-disabled-parking-permitsAccessible Parking Permits are available for drivers or passengers with a disability and organisations that transport people with disabilities. You can apply for permits through the VicRoads Victorian Accessible Parking Permit Scheme.

Find out more about changes to the accessible (disabled) parking permits.

Types of Accessible Parking Permits

There are two types of permits available under the Accessible Parking Permit Scheme:

  • Australian Disability Parking Permit – you can park in a disabled person parking bay or an ordinary parking bay for twice the time limit specified
  • Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permit – only allows you to park in an ordinary parking bay for twice the time limit specified
Image - Accessible (Disabled) Parking Permits

Accessible Parking Permit Eligibility

The decision to issue a permit and permit type, is based on a GP or occupational therapist functional assessment. Instructions on how to apply are available on the VicRoads website.

Temporary Accessible Parking Permits

A short-term permit may be issued to someone who has an impairment expected to last longer than six months. It can be for 6, 12 or 24 months. The same full term permit application process applies for a temporary permit.

Organisational Parking Permit for People with Disabilities

Organisations that regularly transport people with disabilities can apply for a 12 month Australian Disability Parking Permit (for organisations). These permits are assigned to vehicles. The vehicle registration is on the permit.

When you apply, you will need to provide the following information about your organisation:

  • What it does
  • Why it needs the permits
  • How many permits it needs
  • The number of drivers and vehicles
  • The organisation contact person.

You will need to provide Council with documented evidence when collecting your permits:

  • Business registration(s)
  • Proof the vehicles are registered to your business.

Please note:

  • Failure to provide the documentation will result no permits being issued.
  • Permits will not be mailed to your organisation. You must pick them up.

Where an Accessible Parking Permit Can Be Used

Parking Location

Australian Disability Parking Permit

Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permits

Example Parking Signs

Disabled parking bay May park for no longer than the period specified Cannot park in the space
Disabled Parking Sign 2
Regular parking bay May park for double the period indicated on the sign May park for double the period indicated on the sign
1P Parking Sign
Parking bays in a parking meter area

City of Whitehorse:

  • Can park free of charge
  • Can park for double the time allowed

City of Whitehorse:

  • Must pay the parking fee
  • Can park for double the time

E.g. Pay fr 1 hour but park for 2 hours

Image - Parking Machine Front View
Other municipalities Check parking fees and requirements with the relevant Council Check parking fees and requirements with the relevant Council  

Note: Holding an Accessible Parking Permit does not guarantee that an appropriate parking space will be available for you to use at all times.

When an Accessible Parking Permit Can Be Used

You can only park for extended periods if the permit:

  • Is displayed on the dashboard.
  • Has not expired.
  • Is used only by the person or organisation the accessible permit has been issued to or by another person who is driving the permit holder.

Where an Accessible Parking Permit Can NOT Be Used

Accessible Parking Permits do not allow you to park in:

  • No parking or no stopping areas including clearways during clearway time
  • Permit areas such as bus stops, taxi ranks, loading zones and construction zones
  • Prohibited areas such as across driveways, on centre reservations, nature strips and footways.

Accessible Parking Permit Conditions of Use

If you do not use the permit correctly, you may receive a parking fine. The permit:

  • Must be securely displayed so all details are clearly visible through the passenger side of the front windscreen.
  • Is not transferable and can only be used by the permit holder as a driver or passenger.
  • Cannot be used if expired.

Accessible Parking Permit Cost

Accessible Parking Permits are free of charge for eligible applicants.

Applying for, Renewing or Replacing an Accessible Parking Permit

To apply for a New Permit, Permit Renewal or Permit Replacement, complete the appropriate VicRoads online application form or contact your GP or Occupational Therapist, or the Council Customer Service Centre for assistance.