Parking Signs and Road Rules

Parking rules are supported by a range of common parking signs that tell drivers where they can and cannot park. Parking signs are regulatory signs. It is an offence not to follow parking sign restrictions and drivers may receive a fine/infringement if they breach the restrictions.

Following parking signs and parking rules make roads safer, give drivers fair access to parking spaces and makes it easier for the community to access services.

A parking sign with any day of the week written on it does not apply on a public holiday. If there is any day of the week listed on a parking sign (for example, 'Mon–Fri' or 'Sat' or 'Sun'), that parking restriction does not apply on public holidays. Whether it is a green sign, a red sign, a disability parking sign, a Loading Zone sign, a Clearway sign, or a No Stopping sign, if it has a day of the week on it, the time restrictions and any fee requirements don't apply on a public holiday.

For more information about parking in Victoria visit: The Victoria Law Foundation Parking the Law and You