Trader Parking Permits

A trader parking permit scheme has been established for traders at Bennetswood shopping strip (Bronte Road), Blackburn, Brentford Square, Mont Albert North (Milne Road), Mitcham multi-deck car park (Britannia Mall and Brunswick off-street car park), Mont Albert Village and Salisbury Avenue (Laburnum Street).

The scheme is designed to provide the opportunity of all day parking for traders nearby to their business.

Whitehorse Trader's Parking Permit

Trader Parking Options

Trader parking is limited. The number of available spaces are listed below.


Parking Capacity

*An annual fee applies


Brentford Square


Milne Road, Mont Albert North


Mitcham multi-deck car park (Britannia Mall and Brunswick off-street car park)


Mont Albert


Salisbury Avenue (Laburnum Street)


NOTE: Brentford Square trader parking permits are managed by Brentford Square Centre Management. Council has no involvement in their allocation 

Who can Apply for Trader Parking Permits

Traders who operate a shop or restaurant in the Bennetswood, Blackburn, Brentford Square, Milne Road Mont Albert North, Mitcham, Mont Albert and Salisbury Avenue Laburnum trading precincts are eligible for Trader Parking Permits. The number of permits available to each trader varies for each precinct.

Note: The issue of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.

The following people are ineligible for a Trader Parking Permit:

  • Traders who do not operate a shop or restaurant in the Bennetswood, Blackburn, Brentford Square, Milne Road Mont Albert North, Mitcham, Mont Albert and Salisbury Avenue Laburnum trading precincts
  • Non-traders such as residents or tradespeople working at the premises.

Trader parking permits may only be used in the area designated on the permit.

Where a Trader Parking Permit can be Used

Trader Parking Permits can only be used in designated Trader Permit Zones specified on the permit documentation.

Where a Trader Parking Permit can NOT be used

A Trader Parking Permit does not allow the holder an exemption to park in:

  • On-street parking areas with parking restrictions – you cannot park for longer than the parking restriction period
  • Areas marked as no parking or no stopping areas including clearways during clearway restriction times
  • Permit restricted parking areas such as disabled persons’ parking areas, bus stops, taxi ranks, loading zones and construction zones
  • Two minute parking restriction zones
  • Prohibited areas such as across driveways, on centre reservations, nature strips, too close to intersections or pedestrian crossings or close to footways.

When a Trader Parking Permit can be used

Parking in Trader Permit Parking Areas can only take place after a permit application has been approved, the permit fee paid (where relevant) and the permit is displayed. If the permit display conditions are not complied with, penalties may apply.

Permits are permanent for all areas other than Blackburn. Blackburn trader parking permits must be renewed by 1 February each year.

Permitted Vehicles

Passenger type vehicles are the only type of vehicle that may use a trader parking permit.

Trader Parking Permit Conditions of Use

Contravening the trader parking permit conditions may result in the cancellation or suspension of trader parking permits or restrictions being placed on permit eligibility for up to the remaining life of the trader parking permit.

No refunds will be given where a trader parking permit is cancelled due to breach of its conditions.

Note: The use of available parking spaces in the trader parking permit area may be suspended by members of the Victoria Police or by authorised Council Officers at any time.

Trader Parking Permit Costs

Trader parking permit costs are specified on the relevant application forms.

Applying for a Trader Parking Permit

Submit the completed application form with the attached supporting documentation by mail, email or in person.

Proof of Eligibility

Each application requires a copy of at least one piece of identification specifying the applicant’s name and location of the trading business within the City of Whitehorse.

Examples of business identification may include but are not limited to:

  • Business rates notice/listing
  • Commercial lease or REIV bond lodgement
  • Business Bank statement
  • Business Utility bill (gas, electricity, phone)

Renewing Your Trader Parking Permit at Expiry

You will be sent a renewal notice prior to your permit’s expiry date.

Replacing a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Trader Parking Permit

Complete a statutory declaration and submit it by mail, email or in person. The same permit conditions will apply for the replacement permit as the lost or stolen permit. A fee may be applicable.