Private Parking Enforcement

When a private parking agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in place between Council and an owner or occupier, Council Parking Services Officers will visit the area as part of their regular patrols or on request and will encourage compliance with parking rules and regulations. Enforcement will generally be between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday; 8am to 4pm Saturday and may also include some evenings.

If a business owner decides to enter into a private parking agreement or MOU, the business will need to fund:

  • A parking plan – to be drafted by a recognised traffic engineering consultancy firm and submitted to Council
  • Site works – (such as purchasing and installing signs and line marking) to be undertaken by a registered traffic control company
  • An annual fee.

Applying for a Private Parking Agreement or MOU

1. Complete the Private Parking Agreement/MOU Application Form ( DOCX 52.96KB) and provide a copy of:

  • Your public liability insurance (Minimum of $10 mil)
  • A copy of the land title or your authority to manage the land
  • The site plan showing the proposed area to be enforced

2. Send the application to:

      Parking Services
      Whitehorse City Council
      Locked Bag 2

      Or scan the application and email it to

Note: Council will conduct an initial inspection of the site to ensure it complies with the eligibility criteria, including health and safety. Due to safety issues, Council will not patrol under-cover car parks.

3. Submit a parking plan developed by independent transport engineer based on the results of this inspection. Council will assess your parking plan and advise of the results. If approved, the site works may commence if required.

4. Site works will be required to install appropriate parking signage. When site works are completed, contact Council to arrange a final site inspection.

5. After a successful final site inspection, Council will send an agreement to be signed.

6. Once all relevant parties have signed the agreement, they are to be returned to Council for signing. A fully signed copy will be returned.

7. The area will be patrolled by Parking Services Officers as part of their regular patrol. If a Parking Services Officer is required to attend the site, call Council on 9262 6333. Public roads are a priority, but an Officer will attend as soon as possible.