Whitehorse Interfaith Network

The Whitehorse Interfaith Network (WIN) is a committee of volunteers supported by Whitehorse City Council. Its purpose is to promote interfaith dialogue, social justice and harmony to the wider community. The committee has been active for over a decade and its members represent diverse faith and spiritual traditions. New members are welcomed.  

The Network hosts events that focus on the religious and faith dimension of multiculturalism such as tours of worship and public forums to explore the concept of interfaith. Network members participate in multicultural celebrations as advocates for intercultural relationships and understanding.

In addition, the Network was active in the Inner East Faith Communities Unite for Safety and Respect project. This collaborative project involving Whitehorse, Manningham, Monash and Boroondara Councils and Interfaith Networks ran from April to July 2019. It was an opportunity for the interfaith networks of the four Councils to come together to discuss the reality of family violence in our community, and to learn what we can all do to promote equitable and safe relationships. 

For further information about Whitehorse Interfaith Network contact the Community Development Officer Diversity on 9262 6434 or CDEnquiries@whitehorse.vic.gov.au