Grandparent Support & Resources

Council recognises the irreplaceable role grandparents hold in their families and in our wider community. Please find below a range of supports, programs and information aimed at grandparents. 

Grandparents Victoria

Grandparents Victoria (GPV) is a state-wide non-profit organisation of grandparents working together to shape a positive future for all children.  Grandparents Victoria aims to:

  • Link grandparents across the state and the nation
  • Identify, articulate and promote the needs of grandchildren and grandparents
  • Represent the views of grandparents in public consultations and influence policy and practice affecting families
  • Share ideas and information about what works well in supporting families.

For further information please visit Grandparents Victoria or call 9372 2422.

Grandparents Playgroups in Whitehorse

A playgroup is a group of parents, grandparents or carers who regularly come together with pre-school aged children to engage in play and socialise. Whitehorse has a number of playgroups who all welcome grandparents and their grandchildren.

There are also three specific playgroups for grandparents:

Koonung Cottage Grandparents Playgroup
Wednesday 9:30am
Koonung Cottage Community House
109 Koonung Road, Blackburn North
Further information: 9878 6632,,
One Grandparents Playgroup
Thursday 10am
One Church, 184 Surrey Road, Blackburn
Further information: 8878 2500,,

Kinship Care

Kinship care is the care provided by relatives or a member of a child’s social network when a child cannot live with their parents.

 The Kinship Care Provider for Whitehorse is Anglicare Victoria, 7-11 Shipley Road, Box Hill.  Please phone: 9896 6322 for more information or visit Anglicare Kinship Care

Grandparent Child Care Benefit

Grandparent Child Care Benefit is available to you if you are a grandparent who:

  • Meets the existing Child Care Benefit eligibility requirements
  • be the natural, adoptive, or step grandparent of the child (great-grandparents are eligible in the same way as grandparents); or
  • be the current or former partner of a grandparent if they are the primary carer of the grandchild; and
  • be the sole or major provider of ongoing daily care for the grandchild; and
  • have substantial autonomy for the day-to-day decisions about the child's care, welfare and development.

Grandparent Child Care Benefit covers the full cost of the total fee charged for Child Care Benefit eligible hours.

To find more information about Grandparent Child Care Benefit, please phone Centrelink on 136150 or visit Grandparent Child Care Benefit