Supported Playgroup

Whitehorse City Council receives State Government funding to operate FREE Supported Playgroup sessions for children aged 0-5 years.

Sessions are planned and delivered by a trained facilitator who utilises Smalltalk practices and principles aimed to increase parents’ confidence to do the things we know can have a positive impact on their child’s learning i.e. the way they talk, listen, and play with their children, read together and how they engage them in fun and stimulating activities. Smalltalk also includes ideas on how parents can look after themselves and helps build links with their community and local services.

The Smalltalk program can also offer in-home sessions for eligible families who may benefit from extra ideas and support.

Supported Playgroup sessions are inclusive and friendly where all family’s backgrounds, experiences, and cultural identities are valued. The playgroups run weekly throughout school terms, with a choice of times and locations. 

Eligibility information

Available to families with either a Health Care Card or equivalent; Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children; or children in kinship care arrangements.


To join a Supported Playgroup or to find out more information, contact our Supported Playgroup Facilitator directly at