Accessible Communications

Whitehorse City Council is strongly committed to ensuring community members have the opportunity to communicate with and receive information from Council in a manner that meets their needs. 

People’s ability to read at a proficient level, understand and interpret information influences their ability to make informed decisions and participate in the life of the community. Accessible Communication is purposefully developed for people, who for a variety of reasons, cannot use or access standard information formats. Community members may experience barriers to communication due to:

  • Limited educational opportunities or outcomes
  • The presence of disability or mental illness
  • Speaking language other than English
  • A lack of confidence or feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information presented at any one time.

The Whitehorse Accessible Communication Project had a focus on assisting Council Officers and staff from Community Organisations to develop accessible written information. Through this project Council developed two Accessible Communication Guides.

Accessible Communication Guides 

The guides are designed to build an understanding of accessible written communication and in turn assist local governments, community organisations and businesses effectively communicate with their audiences and promote their services and supports to a broad range of community members.

Top Tips for Effective Communication

Whilst more detail and examples are provided in the Accessible Communication Guides the following Top Tips were identified as being important to effective communication.