Whitehorse Disability Action Plan

The Whitehorse Disability Action Plan provides strategic guidance to the work undertaken by Council, in partnership with community organisations and other levels of government as it continues to build an inclusive, accessible and equitable community.

Council strives to ensure that all community members can engage in the life of the community and have equitable access to the services and resources available in the community. 

Legislation and Policy

Local Government have a legislated responsibility to promote rights of people with a disability and to reduce discriminatory practices and attitudes towards people with a disability. Australia is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol. 

The Australian Government enacts this commitment to the promotion of rights and reduction of discrimination through key federal and state legislation and policy documents. 

The Whitehorse Disability Action Plan is currently under development.

Contact CDenquiries@whitehorse.vic.gov.au for further information.

Building on the previous work undertaken by Council, the Whitehorse Disability Action Plan continues the focus on addressing the barriers experienced by people with disability in the municipality. 

The Whitehorse Disability Action Plan was developed in consultation with people with disability, the broader Whitehorse community, and with reference to current research, federal and state legislation and policy directions. 

The actions contained in the Disability Action Plan have resulted in a number of initiatives and projects, the outcomes of the Disability Action Plan are reported in Council’s Annual Report each year.

Council Priorities

Priority Area Key Focus

Changing Attitudes

Council will promote the inherent dignity and respect for all people in the Whitehorse Community regardless of difference.

Council will continue to raise awareness of the challenges facing people with disability as well as building the capacity of the organisation and the community to be responsive to the rights of people with disability

Social Connectedness

Council will strive for equitable access and inclusion of people with disability in all Council services, programs and activities, supporting people with disability to participate in the life of the community.

Council will work in partnership with community organisations and businesses to build the social connections and experiences of people with disability their families and carers within our communities.

Where actions fall outside the responsibility of local government, Council will advocate to the relevant organisation, state or federal government department on behalf of people with disability

Accessible Built Environment

Councils commitment to planning for and improving access in the built environment will continue in relation to parks, signage, roads, footpaths, building and other facilities and amenities that fall within Councils responsibility and sphere of influence.

Supporting Economic Participation

Council will continue to work to understand and address the barriers experienced by people with disability accessing paid employment, training and volunteer positions and programs in relation opportunities available within Council and in the broader community context.

Accessible Information and Communication

Council will continue to develop, promote and provide information that is accessible to people with disability, facilitating opportunities and addressing barriers that prevent people with disability communicating with or receiving information from Council.