Studying Online

This page is designed to support young people who are studying online. 

Youth Central has come up with their top ten study tips to help you get the most out of your studying! 

1. Pick a time & place – It's important to pick a space to study in that works for you. Set up that space to make it comfortable, quiet and hopefully distraction free to maximise your studying.
2. Study often – Studying a little bit, more often will help your mind to continue to grow and review the information you are learning.
3. Plan your time – Routine and a plan will help you make the most out of your studying time. Creating a to-do list, using a daily planner and setting study alarms can help you keep on track.
4. Discovering how you like to learn – Most people have a preferred way they like to learn. Some prefer to learn by listing, learn by seeing or learn by doing. Check out the link below for tips for finding your style.
5. Review & revise – It is helpful to check in and go over what you have learnt or studied. This can be helpful to understand concepts and to help you remember specific things. Check out the link below for some ways you can get creative in revising.
6. Take breaks – Taking breaks while you are studying is really important, especially if you are feeling tired or frustrated. Studying for prolonged periods of time can impact your studying outcomes. Take a break, step away from your desk, screens and get some fresh air.
7. Ask for help – If something isn't making sense, ask for help. Talk to someone who might be able to help you understand, that could be a teacher, friend, family member or even google (only look at reputable sites)!
8. Staying motivated – Studying from home might not be as motivating as actually getting up and going into school or uni. Try to keep motivated with your goals and reasons for studying. You can decorate your study space with pictures or quotes to inspire you to keep going. 
9. Useful apps for studying – There are heaps of useful apps that are helpful for students. Check out the link below for a list of apps!
10. Looking after you – Taking care of yourself will help you when it comes time to study. Getting enough sleep, eating well and getting outside for some physical exercise will help you to focus and retain information. 

Learn the full breakdown of Youth Central’s studying tips.

Extra tip! Try one of the activities below to really give your brain a break/refocus!

  1. Switch-up Brain Break
    • Step 1. Hold your right ear with your left hand and then hold your nose with your right hand.
    • Step 2. Try to switch so that you are holding your left ear with your right hand and your nose with your left hand.
    • Step 3. Try to speed up (without punching yourself!)
  2. Put on your favourite song and dance for 3 minutes! 
  3. Try some yoga poses, push-ups or star jumps to get the blood flowing
  4. Stretch! 
  5. Move one hand up and down, while moving the other right to left (harder than it sounds - we promise!)