Cats have so much to offer – they provide companionship, affection and entertainment whilst being economical, clean and easy to maintain.

The decision to own a cat is a very important one.

City of Whitehorse resident cat responsibilities at a glance

  • All cats must be confined every night inside or in a suitable enclosure during the cat curfew hours of 8pm to 6am.
  • All cats must be registered with Council.
  • All cats must be microchipped to be registered. Note: Animal Aid at 35 Killara Road, Coldstream offer a free microchipping service for cats to Whitehorse residents.
  • All cats must be desexed to be registered.
  • There is an annual fee for registering your pet.
  • All registered pets must wear the lifetime tag on their collar.

Further information:


Phone Number

What They Do

Agriculture Victoria

136 186

Information about responsible pet ownership

Cat Protection Society

8457 6500

General cat information and advice

Animal Aid

8756 1300

Cat adoption services and general cat information and advice


9224 2222

Information about cats and kittens