Domestic Animal Management Plan

The Whitehorse Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) ( PDF 1.26MB) highlights a strategic framework that aims to assist in:

  • educating the community on responsible pet ownership issues
  • promoting the benefits of pet ownership
  • ensuring appropriate levels of community compliance are in place and
  • raising the profile and importance of effective domestic animal management.

The plan touches on:

  • The importance of pets to Whitehorse residents
    Photo of cat face
  • Concerns about animal-related matters
  • Ideas and resources to assist residents to manage and care for their pets
  • Dogs in parks and reserves
  • How well information provided by Council about pets and animal management addresses the needs of residents

The Domestic Animals Act 1994 Section 68A requires Councils to periodically evaluate any program, service strategy or review outlined in the DAMP. The Act also requires annual reviews and an evaluation of its implementation, published in Council’s annual report.

Four Year DAMP Review Cycle

Victorian Councils are required by legislation to prepare and implement a revised DAMP every four years. The current DAMP was adopted by Council in October 2021.