Dogs, Fireworks and Thunderstorms

Loud and unfamiliar sounds of fireworks can distress dogs in the area and can sometimes lead to them escaping from their homes. 

Thunderstorms – common during summer – can also cause anxiety in dogs. To help keep your dog safe during these events, consider the following:

  • Ensure your dog is registered and identifiable with a microchip and Council registration tag. Keep your contact details up-to-date with Council by mail, email or in person and with the microchip registers
  • Distressed dogs may try to scale fences so keep them inside the entire night. Don’t tie them at the collar because they may cause themselves injury in a moment of panic
  • Dogs will be less anxious if in the company of their owners so stay at home during fireworks or thunderstorms or arrange a familiar pet sitter in your absence. Also consider distracting your dogs with toys or keep a radio or television switched on for familiar background noise
  • Backyard fireworks are dangerous for humans and dogs. Alert authorities about any illegal fireworks in your neighbourhood
  • If you know your pet is especially anxious from past experiences, you should talk to your local vet as there may be medication you could give to your dog to help them stay calm. This should be a last resort and must only be undertaken after a professional consultation.

For more information, visit the RSPCA website.