Preventing Dog Bites

Remember that all dogs big or small can bite and the most common reasons are fear, pain or confusion when mixing with people and other dogs. 

Ignoring signs of aggression and anxiety in dogs can result in serious injury to you, a member of your family or others.  You can discourage your dog biting by:

  • Socialising your dog from an early age so that it learns how to mix with other dogs and other people in public
  • Avoiding situations that may cause your dog to become nervous or anxious
  • Training your dog - obedience classes help you learn about your dog, its body language and how you can communicate with it
  • Desexing your dog. Research shows that, on average an entire dog is more aggressive
  • Asking a qualified dog trainer or behaviourist for advice if your dog shows any signs of aggression towards people.

For more information, visit the Agriculture Victoria website.