Dogs in Public Spaces

Walking your dog is valuable exercise for you and your dog. In all public places, except designated off-lead areas, the owner of a dog must keep their dog under effective control.

Effective control means placing a leash, chain, cord or similar not exceeding 1.5 metres in length on a dog and held by the owner. There are also places where you may not take a dog either on or off a lead.

Whitehorse City Council requires dog owners to carry an appropriate receptacle (e.g. bag or scoop) to remove and dispose of their dog’s poo whenever they are with their dog in a public place. You can be fined for not complying.

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Designated Dog Off-Lead Areas

There are 32 parks and reserves in the City of Whitehorse that have areas where you can exercise your dog off-lead.

Dogs (except for greyhounds) can be exercised off-lead in the areas listed below.

When exercising a dog off-lead, the owner must:

  • Have the dog under control to sufficiently prevent the dog from behaving in a manner that threatens or causes a nuisance to any person or animal
  • Carry a leash, chain, cord or similar not exceeding 1.5 metres in length so that the dog can be brought under effective control if it is behaving in a manner that threatens or causes a nuisance to any person or animal
  • Have the dog within 25 metres and have a clear unobstructed view of the dog at all times; and
  • The dog immediately returns to its owner upon command.

For more information, read Order 11 Section 26_2 Domestic Animals Act 1994 ( PDF 73.53KB).

Please Note: The dog off-lead provisions do not apply for greyhounds. Greyhounds must be on a fixed lead not longer than 1.5 metres at all times when in a public place including City of Whitehorse designated dog off-lead areas.

If you would like to exercise your greyhound off-lead, one option is the City of Manningham Greyhound Slipping Track.

Designated Dog Prohibited Areas

There are spaces within City of Whitehorse parks and reserves where dogs are not allowed at any time:

  • Dog prohibited sports fields
  • Designated environmentally sensitive wetlands

They are also not allowed within 2.5m of the perimeter of:

  • Any sports ground, field, court or similar during an organised sporting event
  • Any children’s playspace
  • A permanent barbeque or picnic area
  • The principal location of an organised meeting


The Manningham Greyhound Slipping Track is a fully fenced dog run available to Whitehorse greyhound owners where greyhounds (and any other breeds) can be legally exercised off-lead and where greyhounds can "free gallop". Greyhounds are a very gentle, loving and placid breed but, due to the fact that they are capable of running at speeds up to 70 km/h, it is both unsafe and illegal to allow them to run off-lead in public places.

The Slipping Track is located in Stintons Reserve, Park Orchards and is provided predominantly for the safe exercise of greyhound racing dogs, retired racers and adopted racers that have come from organisations such as the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) or the Greyhound Safety Net. It is also available to owners of other breeds who need a safe and fully enclosed area to exercise their dogs.

Most slipping tracks such as this one work on a subscription system where you pay a small fee and are provided with a key to unlock the gate. For more information about the Manningham Greyhound Slipping Track Inc and their prices, email or visit their Facebook page.