Domestic Animal Businesses

All domestic animal businesses must apply to be registered with Council and comply with the appropriate mandatory Victorian Government Domestic Animal Business Codes of Practice.

Domestic animal businesses include:

  • Breeding businesses (cats and/or dogs)
  • Training facilities for dogs
  • Pet shops
  • Animal (welfare) shelters
  • Dog or cat rearing premises
  • Animal pounds either run by Council or a Council contractor
  • Establishment boarding dogs or cats – overnight, doggy daycare and in-home care.

Depending on the Planning Zone of the property location you are considering, you may also require a Council Planning Permit.

Council's authorised Officers annually inspect all Domestic Animal Businesses to ensure compliance with the Codes of Practice.

Domestic Animal Business Registration

All domestic animal businesses in the City of Whitehorse are required to apply to be registered with Council. You can submit your application online and pay the required fee.

Council will make an inspection of the facilities prior to approving your registration.

Annual Registration fee is $292.00

Existing registrations will be sent a renewal form in early March and must be renewed by 10 April each year.