Whitehorse City Council is responsible for for ensuring the 600km of local roads, 37km of bike paths and 22km of walking tracks remain safe, functional and well-maintained. This includes road maintenance and educating residents about road safety.

Local, link and collector roads are managed by Council in accordance with Council’s Road Management Plan ( PDF 1.56MB). The plan details the frequency that road assets are inspected and the standards to which they are maintained and repaired.

Arterial roads, highways and freeways are managed by VicRoads.

The Whitehorse Road Register identifies which roads or parts of roads Council is responsible for. The Road Register document is broken up into an Overview schedule and 4 Appendixes. See links below:

Road and Footpath Maintenance

Council is responsible for minor repairs and maintenance to local roads around Whitehorse.

You can report road and footpath damage by contacting customer service on (03) 9262 6333 or by emailing

Road Safety

Learn more about Council's work to make the road network safer for walkers, riders, drivers and passengers

Roads, Footpaths & Driveways

Find out what permits and approvals you need before starting any works outside a property boundary

Private Roads

Find out more about the Special Charge Scheme for undeveloped private roads

School Crossings

Learn more about school crossings in Whitehorse