Whitehorse City Council adopts its Climate Response Strategy and Plan

Published: Tuesday 28 Nov 2023

Whitehorse City Council's Climate Response Strategy 2023-2030 and Climate Response Plan 2023-2026 were adopted by Council at its meeting on 27 November 2023.  

This important work contributes to the strategic direction of Sustainable Climate and Environmental Care in Whitehorse and follows on from declaring a Climate Emergency in September 2022.  

Our Climate Response Strategy targets 

  • Maintain carbon neutral status for corporate emissions 
  • Source 100 per cent renewable electricity for Council operations by 2025 
  • Achieve net zero corporate emissions by 2032 
  • Aspire for net zero community emissions by 2040 
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Along with other environmental sustainability strategies, the Climate Response Strategy will support Council to take a leadership role in addressing climate change consistent with Whitehorse’s Community Vision. 

Our approach to Climate Action 

Whitehorse City Council will continue to be a local leader by actively reducing its corporate emissions and adapting buildings and infrastructure to be climate resilient. The Climate Response Plan provides actions for Council to support, enable and encourage the community to act on climate change. To achieve these outcomes, Council will: 

  1. Work in partnership with the Whitehorse community and with State and Federal governments;  
  2. Build on its previous achievements from the Sustainability Strategy, 2016-2022 and Interim Climate Response Plan 2020-2022; and 
  3. Learn from others and follow in their successes. 

Learn more 

Read the Climate Response Strategy ( PDF 2.34MB) and  Climate Response Plan ( PDF 935.12KB)  

To learn more about Council’s achievements on sustainability and how you can get involved: visit the Sustainability webpage  

Sustainability events and programs: What's Happening in Whitehorse 

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