Fees - Roads, Footpaths and Vehicle Crossings

You can lodge and pay online for most application types. 

View application fees below.

For more information on the applications visit the Lodge and Apply webpage.

Vehicle Crossings

Application Type Type of Works Application Fee
Vehicle Crossing Permit Vehicle crossing works on Council roads. $353.20
Application for Inspection of Works

For Council to inspect vehicle crossing works on Arterial roads.

A Planning Permit and/or VicRoads' consent will also need to be obtained.


Utility Connections & Works by Authorities

Application Type Size/Extent of Works Application Fee Security Deposit/Bond*
Utility Connections and Miscellaneous Works Permit - Council Roads

Major - more than 8.5mof excavation area

$353.20 $3000.00 (minimum)


Minor - less than 8.5mof excavation area

$139.80 $3000.00 (minimum)
Works by Authorities Permit- Council Roads

Major - more than 8.5mof excavation area


Bond not applicable

(Authorities are exempt)

  Minor - less than 8.5mof excavation area Exempt Not applicable

Council inspection of works on Arterial (main) roads

VicRoads consent/exemption will also need to be obtained.

All $303.00 Not applicable
*Security Deposit/Bond

A security deposit bond is required for this application type. Council reserves the right to determine the value of the security deposit bond based on the scope of works.

The security deposit bond is payable upon application and is fully refundable on satisfactory completion of works, if an application is not granted approval or if works are cancelled upon written notification from the applicant stating the works have been cancelled.

Road Closures

Application Type Application Fees
Temporary Road Closure Permit $353.20 per day + $95 admin fee

Works Zone Parking Restrictions

Works Zone permits are valid for a set period of 6 months. You can only apply for 6 months at a time. If you need to extend the time of the Works Zone, you will need to apply for an Extension (of up to 6 months) before the Works Zone Permit expires. 

Application Type Application Fees Fee Estimator

Works Zone Permit

$95 admin fee

+ $695 signage installation & removal

+ $6240 per metered/ticketed space (this is for a set 6 months) 

+ $1326 per non-metered/non-ticketed space (this is for a set 6 months)

Estimate Total Fees

Works Zone Permit Extension

$95 admin fee 

+ $1040 per metered/ticketed space per month of extension

+ $221 per non-metered/non-ticketed space per month of extension

Estimate Total Fees