Building Certificates

A Building Certificate is a document issued by Council relating to existing works to a building. 

A Building Certificate is usually requested by buyers or sellers of property before settlement to make sure that what is being bought or sold is not going to be the subject of action by Council. Anyone can apply for a Property Information Certificate, however, your solicitor or conveyancer normally does this for you. Privacy Act requirements with respect to ownership may apply.

The following certificates can be applied for via Councils online services.

  • Regulation 51 (1)
    • (a) details of any permit or certificate of final inspection issued in the preceding 10 years; and
    • (b) details of any current statement issued under Regulation 64-67 or 231-232 of the Building Regulations 2018; and
    • (c) details of any current notice or order issued by the relevant building surveyor under the Act.
  • Regulation 51 (2)
    • Information on whether the building or land is in an area –
      • (a) that is liable to flooding within the meaning of Regulation 153; or
      • (b) that is designated under Regulation 153 as an area in which buildings are likely to be subject to attack by termites; or
      • (c) that is determined under Regulation 155 to be a designated bush fire prone area; or
      • (d) that is an area determined under Regulation 152 to be likely to be subject to significant snowfalls; or of designated land or works within the meaning of Regulation 154.
  • Regulation 51 (3)
    • I am the owner or mortgagee of the building or land, or I am a prescribed building practitioner under Section 137B of the Act, and request the council to provide inspection approval dates of the mandatory notification stages for building work carried out on the building or land.