Demolition Works

A Demolition Report and Consent (29A) is required for any proposed demolition in accordance with Section 29A of the Building Act. 

Step 1 - Determine if a Report and Consent 29A is required. This is required:

  1. If more than half the volume of the building is to be demolished, including demolition works carried out within the previous 3 years.
  2. If any part of the façade of the building is to be demolished.
  3. If a building faces 2 streets the demolition of either façade will require a report & consent.
  4. If a planning permit is required a report and consent is still also required.

Step 2 - Prepare documentation to be submitted

  • Obtain a current copy of title, issued within the last 3 months from Landata. Further information to assist in this process is available at Request a Copy of Title.
  • Copy of building plans - highlight area to be demolished, if partial demolition taking place

Step 3 - Once you are ready to submit your application lodge and apply online.