Lodge & Apply - Land, Planning and Building Information Requests

How to find information relating to house plans, land information and building certificates, planning and or building permits on a property.

You can also lodge a request to find out if a planning permit is required.

Application Type Description Apply
Confirmation if a Planning Permit is Required? Written advice regarding whether a planning permit is required for a proposal (GST inc)  Apply online
Pre-application Request Apply to obtain written advice about your proposed development prior to lodging a planning permit application. Find out more about this service before you lodge and pay for a request. Apply online
Demolition Consent Certificate (Section 29A) Demolition Consent Certificate (Section 29A). Ensure you provide all required documentation outlined in the checklist ( PDF 98.96KB) Apply online
Copy of a Planning Permit  Copy of a planning permit and endorsed plans Apply online
Copy of House Plans - Building Approval Documents  Copy of building approval documents for a property (including house plans, occupancy permit and final inspection)  Apply online
Building Certificate Property Building Information 51(1), 51(2) and 51(3) Apply online
Property Enquiry Information (LIC)

Application for a Land Information Certificate (LIC).  This certificate provides information about valuation, rates, charges, other monies owing, and orders and notices made under the Local Government Act or the Local Law. (Standard fee: $28.90, Priority fee: $59.00)

Apply online

Visit Do I need a Permit? for more information about what permits you may need.

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