Lodge & Apply - Land, Planning and Building Information Requests

How to find information relating to house plans, land information and building certificates, planning and or building permits on a property.

You can also lodge a request to find out if a planning permit is required.

Application Type Description Apply
Confirmation if a Planning Permit is Required? Written advice regarding whether a planning permit is required for a proposal (GST inc)  Apply online
Pre-application Request Apply to obtain written advice about your proposed development prior to lodging a planning permit application. Find out more about this service before you lodge and pay for a request. Apply online
Demolition Consent Certificate (Section 29A) Demolition Consent Certificate (Section 29A). Ensure you provide all required documentation outlined in the checklist ( PDF 99.09KB) Apply online
Copy of a Planning Permit  Copy of a planning permit and endorsed plans Apply online
Copy of House Plans - Building Approval Documents  Copy of building approval documents for a property (including house plans, occupancy permit and final inspection)  Apply online
Building Certificate Property Building Information 51(1), 51(2) and 51(3) Apply online
Property Enquiry Information (LIC)

Application for a Land Information Certificate (Standard fee: $27.80, Priority fee: $57.00)

Apply online

Visit Do I need a Permit? for more information about what permits you may need.

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