Box Hill Central Activities Area Car Parking Strategy

The Box Hill Transit City Activity Centre Structure Plan (the Box Hill Structure Plan), adopted by Council in June 2007, is Whitehorse City Council’s primary guiding document for future development in the Box Hill Central Activities Area.

The Box Hill Structure Plan ( PDF 5.57MB) promotes the use of sustainable transport and more effective use of existing car parking. It also recommended that further investigation be undertaken in relation to car parking. Whitehorse City Council engaged consultants to complete a comprehensive study of car parking within the Box Hill Central Activities Area and, based on these findings, prepared a car parking strategy for the centre. 

Council adopted the Box Hill Central Activities Area Car Parking Strategy ( PDF 6.78MB) at its meeting of 23 June 2014 ( PDF 6.78MB)and considered the feedback received during the consultation period held in March/April 2014. The aim of the project was to study and respond to matters associated with car parking. This included identifying existing and potential future car parking availability, and recommending actions to address any constraints and shortfalls, balanced with broader objectives of sustainability, community enhancement and economic vitality.

Amendment C158 implemented new car parking requirements for development proposals, as recommended in the Study, by applying a Parking Overlay to the Box Hill Activitiy Centre.  This came into effect on 3 December 2015. 

The Box Hill Car Parking Strategy will work in conjunction with the existing Box Hill Structure Plan and makes recommendations about providing and managing car parking for each of the precincts identified within Box Hill.

If you have any questions about the Box Hill Car Parking Strategy, please contact the Strategic Planning Department via or call on 9262 6303.