Forest Ridge Development Plan

The 9 hectare former ATV-0 Television Studios at 104-168 Hawthorn Road Forest Hill is identified as a Strategic Redevelopment Site in the Whitehorse Planning Scheme and is zoned Residential Growth Zone Schedule 2.

The site is identified for substantial change which supports increased residential densities and housing choice by allowing for a diversity of dwellings to suit a range of household types.

The television studios were constructed in 1963 on an original 20 acre site of a former apple orchard. The broadcast signal was changed to Channel Ten in 1978 and from 1980 became known as Network 10. After 30 years of operating in Forest Hill, ATV-0 vacated the studio complex in 1992 and moved to premises in South Yarra.

The Forest Hill complex has continued to be used for the production of particular Network Ten programs, including Neighbours, which has been produced and filmed at the studios (currently leased by Fremantle Media) and the nearby Pin Oak Court, Vermont South.  Land around the studio buildings is being redeveloped in stages, mainly for housing, and is known as the Forest Ridge Estate.

For further information on the Forest Ridge Development please contact the Strategic Planning Department on 9262 6303 or email