Tally Ho Major Activity Centre

The Tally Ho Activity Centre is designated as a Major Activity Centre (MAC) in the State government strategy, Plan Melbourne 2017-2050. Tally Ho is a key eastern suburbs office park and technology hub and provides approximately 3,500 – 3,700 jobs. It is also conveniently located to public transport services. Council actively supports maintaining and enhancing the economic role and function of Tally Ho by encouraging businesses and services that create jobs.


The State Government identifies Tally Ho as a Major Activity Centre which includes a major business park and employment hub with good access to public transport.

The surrounding area also features a number of key sites that will be developed in the future and will play a vital role in maximising the investment in Tally Ho to strengthen the activity centre’s economic role in the region and to broaden the mix of land uses. The government’s long term vision and objectives for activity centres are set out in Plan Melbourne.

Tally Ho - Urban Design Framework

The City of Whitehorse in partnership with the community prepared an Urban Design Framework ( PDF 9.51MB) to guide change within the Activity Centre. 

The Urban Design Framework includes broad development principles for the whole area, as well as specific design guidelines for some of the major sites that are ready for redevelopment. The Urban Design Framework explores ways to improve the Tally Ho area for residents, businesses and visitors and to provide direction for future development. At its meeting on 16 April 2007, Council adopted the Tally Ho Urban Design Framework.

Amendment C110 implemented the Tally Ho Major Activity Centre Urban Design Framework 2007 ( PDF 9.51MB) and subsequent work on the Tally Ho Urban Design and Landscape Guidelines 2013 ( PDF 9.01MB).

Tally Ho Major Activity Centre - Review of the Commercial 1 Zone 

State government planning scheme changes across Victoria in 2013 automatically changed the zoning of land previously in the Business 1 Zone and Business 2 Zone, to Commercial 1 Zone. The majority of land in the Tally Ho Major Activity Centre (MAC) was previously in the Business 2 Zone, intended for offices and associated commercial uses.  This change in zoning to Commercial 1 has potential to change the role of the MAC as an important employment hub in the eastern region by allowing a significant amount of non-business uses, such as residential.

Council has recently examined the existing Commercial 1 Zone at Tally Ho to determine whether it is the most appropriate zone or whether a more suitable planning tool could be implemented to ensure the vision for the centre’s economic success is achieved and sustained. The findings are outlined in the Review of the Commercial 1 Zone at the Tally Ho Major Activity Centre June 2019 (the Review) prepared by Urban Enterprise. The Review recommends changing the planning controls in the MAC to align with the business and employment focus of Tally Ho. 

The Review was made publicly available via Council’s website and submissions were accepted over a six week period from 24 February to 9 April 2020. During that period 11 submissions were received. As well as expressing concern about a change of zoning, some submissions suggested that the Design and Development Overlay (DDO9) should be reviewed.

At its meeting on 27 January 2021 Council considered the submissions received during the consultation period and resolved to undertake a review of the DDO9 concurrent to the review of the Commercial 1 Zone.

A process of reviewing the DDO9 will soon commence and details of how you can comment on the project will be updated on this page.

A copy of the Tally Ho Commercial 1 Zone Review ( PDF 6.42MB) (updated December 2020) can be found here.