Vehicle Crossing or Driveway?

The vehicle crossing is outside the property boundary and provides vehicle access into a property. The driveway is inside the property.

Vehicle Crossing or Driveway Diagram

Vehicle Crossing Permits

You will need to get a permit from Council before you do any work on the vehicle crossing or outside your property boundary. This includes works on the footpath.

Vehicle crossings must meet the requirements of:

How do I apply?

We want to help you as quickly as possible. The diagram below shows the steps of the process.

Each step provides important information to help you complete your application. As you go through each step you will check:

  • Location of the proposed works
  • Council's requirements 
  • Other authorities' requirements

The process will be 4 steps and depends on the location of the proposed works:

Process map - Vehicle Crossing Permits

Accessible version of the above vehicle crossing permit steps diagram ( DOCX 11.7KB)

Who can apply?

  • Property owner(s)
  • Contractor nominated by the property owner(s)
  • Builder/ developer
  • Agent appointed by the property owner(s) 


  • Permit fees
  • Other fees may be applicable if additional permits or approvals are required – either from Council or from another authority. 

How long does it take?

Please allow 10 business days for processing and assessment of your application. 

There are several things that may delay your application:

  • Incomplete or incorrect application - if you do not provide all of the information and payment required 
  • If additional permits or approvals are required – either from Council or from another authority 

Next Steps

Continue to Step 1 to work out the location of the works 

Information for Concreters

Technical information about vehicle crossings in Whitehorse:

Vehicle Crossing Standard Drawings ( PDF 1.38MB)

Vehicle Crossing Specifications