Social Media Community Guidelines

These guidelines ensure that Whitehorse City Council’s social media channels are a positive experience for all community members.

We encourage you to ask questions, contribute to discussions and share information, photos and videos with us and other users on our channels.

We also ask that you leave any unsuitable or unpleasant comments at the door and keep your interactions courteous and respectful to others. 

By posting or using Whitehorse’s social media channels you are accepting our social media guidelines.

Our social media channels are moderated and Whitehorse City Council reserves the right to delete inappropriate activity and to ban any community member who breaches our social media guidelines.

Examples of inappropriate activity includes information that is:

  • inaccurate, indecent, misleading, defamatory or slanderous 
  • personal or confidential (like phone numbers or addresses)
  • abusive, inflammatory or obscene language
  • considered bullying or harassment
  • a breach of copyright or intellectual property laws
  • discriminatory (age, disability, family status, gender, nationality, race, social origin, religious beliefs or activity)
  • deliberately disruptive, trolling or spam
  • promoting commercial interests
  • a violation of the platform's Terms of Service.

Please keep in mind that community posts on Whitehorse City Council’s social media channels do not reflect the opinions of Whitehorse City Council.

We take privacy seriously. Any personal, sensitive, unique or identifiable information inadvertently or otherwise posted directly or indirectly to our social media networks may be collected from those networks by our monitoring, reporting and archiving platforms and will abide by Council’s Privacy Policy.

From time to time, Whitehorse City Council may mention, tag or share content from a local business or organisations in Whitehorse or surrounds. This is not to be viewed as a formal endorsement in any way and does not necessarily mean Council has a partnership or sponsorship agreement with that business.

Our social media channels are generally monitored during business hours (9am to 5pm). However, depending on operational needs, some channels may be monitored outside these hours.