Whitehorse Couch Choir

The Whitehorse Couch Choir is made up of people who live, work or study in Whitehorse who came together through song to remind us that even while we isolate, we’re not alone. 

Whitehorse Carols Couch Choir 

The Whitehorse Carols Concert featured the Whitehorse Carols Couch Choir as the finale performance. To watch the full concert visit Whitehorse Carols

Take a few minutes to watch the Whitehorse Carols Couch Choir below.

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Whitehorse Couch Choir

The COVID-19 restrictions have been a challenging and lonely time for many people. To help bring our community together, we put the call out for individuals, families and workplaces, singers, dancers, musicians and Auslan interpreters to be part of a this collaboration.

Thanks to the over 50 individual community members who submitted their sing-song clips, dance moves and shared their musical talents to be part of the feel good vibes. 

We really are all in this together!

More information

If you’d like to find out more about this project, or be a part of future initiatives, email us at activate@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or subscribe to Whitehorse news.