Whitehorse Couch Choir

Submissions have now closed for the Whitehorse Couch Choir.

The Whitehorse Couch Choir is a community song project undertaken during Stage 4 Restrictions in Melbourne. 

Community members were united through song when recording their parts of the feel good Ben Lee tune "We're All In This Together".

If you would like to receive email notification of the completed song project when released in September 2020 please send an email to activate@whitehorse.vic.gov.au


Tuesday 1 September Let us know which role you would like to play in the Whitehorse Couch Choir by sending an email to activate@whitehorse.vic.gov.au
Friday 4 September Submit your Whitehorse Couch Choir video to activate@whitehorse.vic.gov.au 
September Enjoy the Whitehorse Couch Choir united in song

Your Role

If you would like to perform in Ben Lee’s - We’re All in This Together with the Whitehorse Couch Choir, read the descriptions below to see which role suits you best.

Are you a featured singer, choral singer, a dancer or an instrumentalist? Are you proficient in Auslan?

Featured Singer

Let us know if you love singing and feel confident with your voice to sing a solo or some harmony lines. We will send featured singers sheet music, lyrics and a guide track of their solo/harmony to sing along to. 

We’ll do our best to accommodate as many people into the roles they want, however, based on the volume of interest, it’s possible that not all featured singer submissions will be accepted.

Choral Singer

This is your position if you love singing and feel comfortable singing along to the melody of the song, either on your own, with family, housemates or colleagues. You will be mixed together with all the other singers to create a big, beautiful choir, so won’t be singing on your own. We will send choral singers a guide track and lyric sheet.


If you speak or are able to communicate using Auslan, please submit a video of yourself signing the lyrics of the song. We will send you a guide track and a lyric sheet.

Interpretive Dance

If you would like to express yourself through movement, please submit a video of yourself dancing or moving to this piece of music. We will send you a guide track to move to.


If you are a musician in Whitehorse that plays guitar or drums, we would love to get a video of you playing your instrument along to the song.  We will provide sheet music and a guide track to play along to.

Joy, Love, Dancing Video

Would your family/group like to have a boogie to this song? Send in a short video of yourself dancing or miming to the guide track. You might like to wave and smile, blow kisses or hug your family or your pet.

Feel free to dress up, play air guitar to send some love to your community. We will send dancing/joy video participants a guide track to dance to.

If you are participating in this as a work group, please remember to adhere to social distancing restrictions.