Bushland Reserves of Whitehorse

Discover the wonderful bushland reserves across Whitehorse. 

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Bushland Reserves - North East

One of the most significant parklands for bushland in the northeast is Yarran Dheran. A true escape from busy suburbia, this area is great for a picturesque walk or picnic. Nearby, Antonio Park has some of the best preserved native ground vegetation in Whitehorse. You will find many native birds, lizards and insects and perhaps even a kangaroo!


Bushland Reserves - South East

The bushland reserves in Whitehorse’s southeast include Stephens Reserve which has many wildflowers. Abbey Walk and Campbell’s Croft are an important wildlife corridor. Bellbird Dell, a large bushland park in Whitehorse, has great walking tracks and lots of wildlife.


Bushland Reserves - South West

The southwest contains several bushland areas including Highbury Park. Wurundjeri Walk, a large park which used to be mainly orchards, is now a host to wetlands and a tree-lined creek. There is also Gardiners Creek Reserve, a large park that is mainly land that has been replanted. You can find many birds and insects here. 


Bushland Reserves - North West & Central

In the northwest, is Koonung Creek Wetlands that follows Koonung Creek to Elgar Park. It is a haven for many birds, animal and plants. Cootamundra Walk is a long walk with some great tracks and wildlife. Blackburn Creeklands, made up of three parks, is famous for its native bird life. There is also the large Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.