Low Impact Filming Application Form

To meet the criteria of Low Impact filming, you must operate within the following requirements:

  • Filming activity must be of 6 people or less (including all production crew and talent).
  • Infrastructure to be no more than one camera, one tripod and handheld sound recording equipment (no lighting or sheltering equipment on stands, no camera tracking devices, no vehicles, drones, sizeable props or generators).
  • Duration of the shoot not to exceed 4 hours.
  • Public safety must be maintained at all times. All public pathways, footpaths, cycling paths and roads must not be blocked - a minimum of 2.5 metres is required on footpaths for pedestrian thoroughfare at all times.
  • No disruption to be caused to the city's stakeholders (traders, residents and businesses) or motorists or other events in the vicinity of the activities.
  • Filming equipment must not be hard up against or attached to any Council street furniture, infrastructure or assets (including trees, shrubbery and garden beds).
  • No vehicle access is permitted in parks and gardens or past any street bollards without a permit.
  • No physical assets to be disturbed, relocated, altered or damaged due to or as a result of the filming.
  • Any pre-existing damaged assets should be reported to Council immediately upon identification so that they are repaired or made safe prior to filming.
  • Whitehorse City Council must be acknowledged in the credits of all productions.
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Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx.
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