Environment and Sustainability Reference Group

The Environment and Sustainability Reference Group (ESRG) consults with key stakeholders, seeks specialist opinions and enables community participation in environmental sustainability issues, initiatives, policies and strategies on behalf of Council. 

The ESRG was founded in 2021, and today consists of two Councillors (Mayor Cr Massoud and Cr Cutts), community representatives and Council staff. 

The objectives of the ESRG are to: 

  • Provide a forum for environment and sustainability issues to be reviewed and considered prior to the decision going to Council. 
  • Assist in the preparation or review of key environmental sustainability strategies and policies. 
  • Assist in the design and delivery of specific environment and sustainability programs by Council. 
  • Provide input on issues of environmental sustainability. 
  • Monitor the progress of Council action and management plans relating to environmental sustainability. 
  • Provide coordination, liaison and communication with other Council appointed community groups and key external stakeholders. 

The ESRG recruits annually and Community representatives are nominated and selected based on the following criteria: 

  • Demonstrated understanding of diverse environmental and sustainability issues relevant to Whitehorse.
  • Professional experience working in one of the following: urban natural resource management; municipal or state environment planning; built form sustainability management.
  • Policy and or strategy development in the area of sustainability, environment or community development.
  • Membership of a community environment and or sustainability group within Whitehorse.

The selection process will prioritise applications from nominees who live or work in Whitehorse. Youth representatives are encouraged to apply.

For further information, please contact the ESRG via email or Cassie Lukies on 0434 874 443

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