Early Years Excursions and Incursions

Our Early Learning Programs can be tailored to meet your excursion needs.

A selection of these programs are suitable for an Incursion visit from an Environmental Education Officer. 

Early Learning Programs

  • Exploring the Bush – Using our Bush Senses to explore the bushland environment
  • Using our senses (sound, colour, texture, smell)
  • Habitats – Where do things live? Who lives where?
  • Caring for the bush – Acknowledgement of the Land, caring for our bush
  • Minibeasts – What are they and where to find them?
  • Seasons – What are the changes that occur in the bush? What effect do the seasons have on the bush?
  • Plants - Explore the different types of plants that we may find
  • Fungi – Explore the different types of Fungi that we may find (season dependent)
  • Birds - Explore the different birds that we may find, how do they communicate (bird calls)
  • Nocturnal Animals – What types of animals are active at night?
  • Lifecycles – Different life cycles of plants and animals
  • Wildflowers (season dependent) –
  • Explore the different types of wildflowers that grow in the bush Human Impact on the environment – Including Penny the Picnicker and Litter Avengers
  • Water Life – What are some of the animals and plants that live in the water? How are they suited to living there?
  • Water Cycle – Explore the water cycle and the effect it has on the bushland and city

Contact Enviro.Ed@Whitehorse.vic.gov.au for further information.