Commercial and Industrial Noise

Noise from commercial or industrial sites can interrupt the life and business of others in the community. Industrial and commercial noise is any noise from non-residential premises. 

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) sets standards for industry noise to provide a balance between protecting community wellbeing and amenity near industrial premises, and supporting the social and economic value of industry. 

The EPA and Council both have roles in the investigation of noise complaints from industrial and manufacturing sites. 

  • The EPA investigates licenced sites and large industrial and manufacturing sites – visit the EPA Noise web page
  • Noise from shops and other small commercial premises are investigated by Council’s Environmental Health Unit and Planning Department

The following table outlines the general provisions made for waste collections, deliveries and noise from fixed equipment.  Noise should not be heard outside these times from a habitable room.

Noise Source Allowed Times
Industrial Waste Collection One collection per week

6:30 am — 8 pm Monday to Saturday

9 am — 8 pm Sunday and public holidays
  Two or more collections per week

7 am — 8 pm Monday to Saturday

9 am — 8 pm Sunday and public holidays
Deliveries to shops, supermarkets & service stations 7 am — 10 pm Monday to Saturday

9 am — 10 pm Sundays and public holidays 
Noise from fixed equipment – exhaust system , refrigerating motor fans, heating and cooling unit     7 am — 10 pm Monday to Saturday

9 am — 10 pm Sundays and public holidays

If you are regularly woken at night by waste collection activities, deliveries or noise from equipment running overnight or starting in the early morning please contact the business and advise them of your concerns as they may be unaware of the impact. 

If you are not comfortable contacting the business or don’t know who to call, you can report a noise issue to the EPA or Council. The EPA has published the Noise Control Guidelines to provide greater detail. 

Reporting a Noise Disturbance

To report a noise disturbance Council contact Customer Service or phone on 9262 6333. 

To report industry noise, call the EPA Pollution Hotline on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).

When reporting a noise disturbance you’ll be asked to provide some details about what happened, where it happened and how often the noise occurs. Writing down this information before contacting Council or the EPA will help the investigation;

  1. What happened - Describe the noise in as much detail as possible for example: a large truck set of its horn to get staff attention to open the door 
  2. Where did it happen - The name and address of the property where the noise occurred. For example: Bobs mechanic shop on Whitehorse Road 
  3. How often does the noise happen - To assist with the investigation a pattern of disturbance must be established before we can take steps to reduce the noise. For example: this noise happens every Thursday morning. Writing down the date, time and how long the noise continued will establish a pattern.

More information about noise controls can be found on the EPA website