Residential Wastewater Systems

Owners of properties that have a septic system or treatment plant are required to maintain their system in good working order so that all wastewater is treated and contained onsite. 

For best outcomes, make sure you know the location and layout of the septic system and disposal area on your property. A well maintained septic system will:

  • Minimise health risks to your family and the broader community
  • Protect ground and surface waters
  • Prevent the degradation of land and vegetation systems
  • Maintain healthy waterways

If you have an existing septic system and wish to make an alteration or extension to the system, please complete and submit the Septic Tank Installation Application Form ( PDF 93.76KB). Your plumber may make the application on your behalf.

For advice prior to carrying out any alterations or modifications to existing systems or the installation of a new system, contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 9262 6197 or refer to the EPA Septic Homeowner Guide ( PDF 498.41KB)

All work on Domestic Waste Water Systems should be carried out by a licensed plumber